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BMW 650i Overview

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There are few premium car manufacturers in the world that can compete with the so-called "German Big Three" in terms of the all around performance of their vehicles, not to mention appearance and luxury. The “German Big Three” includes, of course, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

BMW 650i

BMW History

Founded in Munich, Germany in 1916, BMW was initially created to manufacture aircrafts. After the conclusion of World War I, BMW began to expand its horizons, creating motorcycles and automobiles in the 1920s. For the last 85 plus years, BMW has all but perfected the art of luxury automobile manufacturing.

One of the triumphs of BMW as of the last several years is the second generation of the 6 series. After the success of the first generation of the 6 series, the expectations for the second generation were high, and BMW did not disappoint. With the series introduced in 2010, production began in 2011. Over the last few years, the cars that belong to the 6 series family of vehicles have impressed to say the least.

BMW 650i gran coupe

BMW 650i: Made to Impress

Next to 6 series highlight the M6, the 650i is the most impressive vehicle to come out of the current generation thus far. With a much more powerful engine than its little brother the 640i, the BMW 650i is nearly as high performing as it is luxurious.

One of the perks of having this higher performing engine is the increase in horsepower. The BMW 640i has 315 horsepower, which is respectable, but the increase to the 650i’s 445 horsepower is going to be difficult to turn down for potential buyers. The engine of the 650i is a 4.4 liter BMW made twin turbo V8, which is capable not only of producing this impressive amount of horsepower, but also 480 ft-lbs of torque at the car’s ideal rpm.

The 8 speed sports automatic transmission allows the car to be almost impossibly smooth to drive, as well. This system allows the driver to go from a stopped position to 60 miles per hour in 5.2 seconds, which is rather impressive for a four door luxury vehicle. The car’s top speed is 155 miles per hour, which the car can reach with startling ease.

BMW 650i coupe

While the 650i's performance numbers are impressive to say the least, it’s the car’s luxurious accommodations and incredibly smooth drive that make it so enticing. With all the luxuries that have come to be expected from BMW, this car would no doubt be a joy to own. The only deterrent to the average purchaser would be the car’s base price of $89,700.