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CP Carrillo Pistons and Rods

CP Carrillo company is rod and pistons manufacturer that is one of the world leaders since 1963. Using advanced technologies and some of brightest minds in the automotive industry let CP Carrillo stay on the top for such a long time. Most of the biggest auto and moto manufacturers use the products of the company – that fact tells a lot about CP Carrillo and its reputation. One of the main features of the company is permanent commitment to excellence, which continues changes in whole industry.

Carrillo pistons

About CP Carrillo Products

In the manufacturing CP Carrillo use 3D Modeling that helps to check characteristics of each part before it will be produced. This method allows creating strongest and lightest auto parts. Demanding quality control system check every detail so you can be sure that you detail is made with maximum quality. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional racer or ordinary driver, which use vehicle only when necessary.

Carrillo rods

CP Carrillo pistons and rods match the highest quality standards due to developing proprietary tooling such as unconventional fixtures and dedicated cutters. Parts are manufactured with special 5-axis machining techniques. Then computerized electronic inspection equipment checks every piston and every rod to make sure that detail was made without any defects. That’s why you can be sure that your piston or rod will not break easily.

Carrillo performance pistons

CP Carrillo company is very famous in many countries, so there are a lot of fake details in the stores. Good way to avoid purchasing not officially made products is to purchase them from an authorized dealer, such as online-retailer CARiD. Check out CP Bullet Page at CARiD, that offers more than 1,000 CP Carrillo pistons and rods. In that case you can be sure that your part will serve for a really long time. Besides you will receive an official CP Carrillo warranty and supreme customer service. Service is one more important detail that allocates company among other. All staff will give you and technical support and account maintenance. The experience of the CP staff is over 60 years so they have all information from piston specs to applications.

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