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Edelbrock EFI Nitrous System Kit

Edelbrock EFI Nitrous System Kit

Edelbrock is known for innovative products, and its new Nitrous Systems are no exception. All Edelbrock Nitrous Systems are dyno-tested and calibrated to deliver accurate and safe horsepower gains with even distribution to each cylinder. Edelbrock's nitrous calibrations are determined through dyno-testing, not simple mathematical formulas, which do not take into account real-world variables. Available from 50 to 500+ horsepower, Edelbrock Nitrous Systems and components are the quickest and easiest way to get large horsepower increases with minimum engine modifications and expense.

With the Performer and Performer RPM Line of Nitrous Systems, you get a 50 to 250 horsepower increase at the flip of a switch with an installation time of approximately 4 hours. New Performer RPM II systems include high-flow solenoids and stainless steel spray bars for 400+ hp capability.

Edelbrock EFI Nitrous System Kit

Victor Jr. racing systems produce serious horsepower with jetting supplied from 200 to 500+ horsepower.

If you want to take it up to the extreme level we have the Edelbrock Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 Direct-Port Nitrous Systems which yield huge gains in excess of 500+ horsepower!

Edelbrock EFI Nitrous Systems are the best way to get major power increase from your vehicle. Kits are supplied with all the necessary components and detailed instructions for a simple and clean installation. The nitrous system interfaces with the OE fuel system and increases fuel flow to the existing fuel injectors when the system is armed & triggered.

Designed for Edelbrock Performer RPM Pro-Flo EFI systems using 4V air valve, these nitrous systems include a 10-lb. capacity nitrous bottle (shipped empty), nitrous and fuel solenoids, billet spray bar plate, aircraft quality steel braided hose, nitrous filter, stainless steel jet selection, aircraft quality fittings and all necessary switches, brackets, hardware and owner's manual for a complete installation.

Edelbrock EFI Nitrous System Kit
Complete kit includes:
  • 10-pound capacity silver nitrous bottle
  • Nitrous and fuel solenoids
  • Spray bar plate
  • Aircraft-quality steel braided hose & fittings
  • Nitrous and gasoline filters
  • Stainless steel jet selection
  • All necessary installation switches, brackets, and hardware
Plate kit includes:
  • Lines from plate to solenoid
  • Stainless steel jet selection

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