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Injen SP Series Intake Systems

For more engine horse power and torque, there is nothing better than the Injen SP Series performance air intakes. The Injen air intake systems are specifically designed for performance cars, trucks and SUVs.

Just because the Injen SP Series Short Ram is a traditional "underhood" system, don't think it's any less of a performance air intake system. Injen has engineered the SP air intakes to the highest standards by utilizing the best technology available. The SP Series is a product of the same rigorous development and testing as Injen's other air intake systems. It's made of the same quality materials and features the same high flow EA Nanofiber dry air filter. The air intake tube is made of 6061, T-6 aluminum alloy, for strength, light weight and smooth airflow.

Injen SP Series Intake Systems
Injen SP Series Intake Systems

All connections are made with quality silicone connectors that provide flexibility, while maintaining strength and thermal stability. The stainless steel hose clamps provide a solid seal that won’t loosen or deteriorate. The end result is a quality system that will improve performance and look great under the hood.

Injen MegaRam Technology

This unique design was specifically engineered with MegaRam (MR) Technology, to provide maximum horsepower gains and take into consideration the air to fuel ratio's set by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. MR Technology is a sophisticated tuning process developed by Injen Technology; altering Cold Air Intake systems to be carefully tuned within Factory Safe limits. Through a series of engineered and tested air-restricted sections, the pressurized mass air is controlled to a calculated aggression, allowing for a proper air/fuel calibration. The end results allows for more reliable and consistent horsepower/torque gains. Every SP system is certified by the California Air Resource Board or submitted with pending approval and backed by Injen Technology's limited lifetime warranty. (Vehicles without Mass air sensors will have special tube designs but may not include MR Technology)

Injen MegaRam Technology
Injen MegaRam Technology
Injen MegaRam Technology

Injen SP Series Air Intake System features:

  • Delivers more oxygen to the combustion chamber by drawing in cooler air
  • Uses the patented MR Technology tuning process to ensure the air/fuel ratio is within optimum limits
  • Custom designed and engineered to deliver maximum power for each specific vehicle
  • Improves acceleration and fuel economy
  • Every system includes the EA Nanofiber dry air filter
  • Air intake pipe constructed of mandrel-bent 6061 aluminum for smooth airflow
  • Comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware and comprehensive installation instructions
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA

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