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Magnaflow Street Series Exhaust System

Installing a brand-new MagnaFlow performance exhaust on your vehicle won't pass unnoticed because it doesn't just enhance vehicle's performance and look, but also determines the way it sounds. Indeed, giving your ride a new soundtrack is something MagnaFlow pays particular attention to. They have designed their mufflers with a perforated stainless steel core, acoustical fiber fill and free flowing design to ensure a deep roaring sound that won't change with time.

Of course, MagnaFlow exhaust systems are not just about the sound. Company's engineers and designers are dedicated to creating performance products that deliver immediate horsepower and torque gains. Such power boost will push you back into your seat when the car accelerates.

Magnaflow Street Series Exhaust System
Magnaflow Street Series Exhaust System

Rule the road in your street machine with the help of a Magnaflow Street Series Exhaust System. With show-quality shine, track-like power and tank-style durability, Street Series Magnaflow Exhaust Systems get your vehicle ready to light up the pavement.

Magnaflow doesn't hold back when making their Street Series Exhaust systems. Wide open performance is the product of custom engineering these Magnaflow Exhaust systems. The result is minimum restriction and plenty of peel-out power.

Magnaflow Street Series Exhaust System
Magnaflow Street Series Exhaust System
Magnaflow Street Series Exhaust System

MagnaFlow Street Series Exhaust System Features

  • Street Series Magnaflow Exhaust Systems are specially designed for premium power of your vehicle.
  • Magnaflow Exhaust Systems are built for wide-open power that's restriction-free
  • Plays a fine-tuned exhaust note for powerful sound without overbearing noise
  • Magnaflow Street Series Exhaust Systems come in one of any number of designs featuring premium Magnaflow tips
  • Available in a variety of inlet diameters and outlet configurations
  • Your Street Series Magnaflow Exhaust System comes with a Lifetime Warranty

Get your MagnaFlow performance system now. It is an excellent base for further refinement of your vehicle. And while you are thinking about the next step you can listen to the wonderful music played by your MagnaFlow exhaust.

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