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Off-Road Suspension

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When turning your truck, SUV or Jeep into the off-road monster, the first thing you need to do is to make its suspension system as tough as rocks on the trails. In fact, the success of your off-road adventure largely depends on how considerably you'll choose off-road suspension parts.

Off-road truck

Off-Road Lift Kits

One of the most common suspension modification for 4WD vehicles is lifting its chassis using suspension lift kit. Replacing vehicle's leaf springs and shocks, both front and rear, with larger ones can elevate the vehicle for 4-6 inches up to 18 inches in some extreme cases.

There is a number of reasons to install off-road suspension lift kit:

  • It's difficult to imagine an off-road vehicle without large and sometimes even gigantic tires. They improve traction and increase performance during rock crawling, slogging through mud, snow. Suspension lift kits allows for more clearance and ensures perfect fitting of large tires.
  • Bigger ground clearance itself can increase vehicle's performance on diverse terrains as well.
  • Off-road driving, especially with larger and heavier wheels and tires, puts extreme strain on vehicle's suspension. That's why stronger shocks and springs are required, and off-road lift kits provide necessary support of the vehicle.
Off-road lift kits
Steering stabilizers

One thing you should know when lifting your vehicle, is that it will also raise its center of gravity, so getting used to it may take a while. Off-road lift kit is an essential component of getting your vehicle ready for conquering even the roughest terrains.

Off-Road Steering Stabilizers

Another suspension part you should consider buying when getting your vehicle off the road is a steering stabilizer. But what is steering stabilizer? And what does a steering stabilizer do for off-road vehicles?

Steering stabilizer helps avoid common problem of vibration and random , also known as the “shimmy” effect. It becomes especially important when equipping your off-road truck, SUV or Jeep with large tires. Installing off-road steering stabilizer will also protect suspension components and tires from

Rough Country Suspension Parts

When choosing off-road suspension parts, you want to be sure that they ensure vehicle's and driver's safety, as well as high performance and hassle-free operation. That's why installing on your truck, SUV or Jeep off-road suspension parts from well-known and reliable manufacturers should be a rule of thumb.

Rough country off-road suspension

And Rough Country is definitely one of them. Rough Country specializes in producing high-quality off-road suspension parts, including lift kits, steering stabilizers, traction bars, sway-bar kits, control arms, brake lines and much more. Rough Country suspension products are available for most of truck and SUV models, including Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, GMC, Nissan, Hummer vehicles.

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