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Superchips Performance Programmers

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Superchips is a manufacturer of high-end performance programmers and one of the top-selling brands on the performance-enhancing electronics market.
The secret of Superchips programmers' success lies in over 30 years of the company's experience in the industry.

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Superchips was established in Buckingham, England in 1977 as P.J. Detection Techniques and got its current name 14 years later, in 1991.
Originally, the company specialized in tuning racing vehicles with computer-controlled fuel-injection systems. With a growing demand for performance-enhancing solutions, the company began serving casual drivers and amateur mechanics. all around the world.
In 1992 Superchips' subsidiary was established in Florida in order to develop performance programmers for the North American market and was sold to MSD Ignition in 2005.

How do Superchips performance programmers work?

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Performance tuners or programmers update the original performance settings of the vehicle's engine control unit (ECU) and also store the original ones in case you ever want to return back to them.
These settings affect all the factors that determine vehicle's performance, including:

  • Fuel Injection Performance Kits - FIPK, Typhoon, AirCharger®, 77 Series and 57i air intake kits
  • K&N performance filters replace restrictive factory air filter and intake system
  • Designed to increase horsepower and acceleration by as much as 10% in your auto
  • K&N works with original equipment computer and emission control systems

In Superchips they strive to find a perfect balance between power boost and safety and ensure that horsepower gains won't lead to broken engine parts. That's why all Superchips tuners undergo performance and safety tests. Good example, turbo diesel applications may give an outstanding power gains, but without thorough tune-up lead to EGT (exhaust gas temperature) increase and consequently to engine damage.

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Fuel economy with Superchips tuners

Superchips provides efficient and easy-to-implement solution that covers all performance needs and objectives drivers may have. What's more, they have created fuel economy solutions for gasoline and diesel vehicles. Most of Superchips programmers come with a preset 'Save' program that allows to increase vehicle's mileage by up to 20 percent. Just one of many benefits you will receive when you use a Superchips product.

The Superchips tuners product line includes devices for cars, trucks, SUVs and Harley Davidson motorcycles. These performance tuners are compatible with a wide array of modern vehicles.

One of the features that let Superchips leave most of the competitors behind is an extremely easy installation process. All Superchips tuners have plug 'n' go design. It means that you just need to plug your device in and set some preferences. The installation process can be completed within few minutes.

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